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Vimpex More Cheeky Cum Ladz

I don’t have much to say about this. No pictures, no lengthy breakdown of what makes it good or bad. This video stood out to me as something real special for all the wrong reasons.

I’m horny, so I settle down with my latest aquisition. It begins with a guy just sitting using a laptop and I wait for something to happen but he just uses his laptop some more. I fast forward into the good stuff, and he’s with some guy. Horrible porn music is playing over the top of the scene and I realise that almost all of the porn I’ve watched in the last several months have not been so without class as to blare such music from the very beginning to the bitter end. Doing so seems to have fallen out of style. Yay.

The 1st scene looks boring as all hell with 2 disinterested parties. So I fastforward and the music continues and the boring boys continue to do boring things that continue to bore me.

Here’s why the video is special. I actually lost my erection, closed my laptop and got dressed instead of cumming. Never has a porn turned me off so much as for me to give up entirely. I’ve shut off lots of bad porn in my time and found something else from my collection. But this left me so cold that I couldn’t even bring myself to bother.

Do not bother with this video. Please.

Oh, also, I’m going to try to start using this blog again.

[Staxus - Dirty Fuckers] - Bareback Piss School

I have to say, even if I were into water-sports I’d be disappointed in this video for the sheer lack of actual piss scenes.

Lucky for me, I skip the piss stuff anyway. I downloaded it for the sole purpose of seeing “Joshua Black” who I think is oddly adorable. And I mean adorable in an odd way, because he’s got a strange look to him but I like it. Actually it wasn’t TOTALLY him, I lied. I also downloaded it because I think oftentimes you can equate “piss” with a porno that isn’t going to hold back on you. Not really the case here so much, either.

We start out in your typical high school classroom: You know the scene - kids who are obviously closer to 30 than they are 18, throwing paper planes at the teacher, squeezing her ass, and oh yes, fucking in the back of the class.

(Oh jeez…)

Nothing really happens here. Just someone gets a blowjob as the class watches. The guy cums. The end. No piss.

Then someone is fucked on a table by uglies and when they’re done Joshua Black and a different ugly enter and start pissing on the bottom. Ick.

More uglies fuck and piss on eachother. OK so maybe I was wrong about the lack of piss. But anyway, there’s another scene incoming where 2 guys fuck in the principals office and it’s boring and the guy’s ass is lubed up out of nowhere. Um, where did that come from exactly? Does his ass self-lubricate like a twat? Yeah, didn’t think so.

No piss here until the principal arrives and decides that a good punishment for their behavior would be to - well, you guessed it… glad I never went to this school.

Now there’s some glory hole stuff which is half hot.

Probably this is the standout of the porno when this guy turns around and gets his ass serviced… but where is the RIMMING?

This guy arrives after the previous guy pictured leaves and does this… it’s fairly hot. I won’t tell you what happens next in the interest of not spoiling it but there may or may not be urine involved.

Finally the scene I’ve been waiting for. After fast forwarding through the first of this I’m excited to get to the Joshua Black scene. He’s on the right.

(Oh jeez, he needs to study! You better leave him alone…)

But still there is no rimming and I find myself skipping through this stuff, too. Am I crazy or do you expect a piss video to be raunchy enough to include rim jobs? Hell these boys are PISSING on eachother. They can’t rim?

(How quickly his mind changes.)

I’m happy to say Josh Black isn’t pissed on. I was hoping he wouldn’t be. But if you download this you probably hope the opposite and I’m sorry, but you’ll be disappointed.

The final scene isn’t even worth noting, but, two boring guys have a boring fuck without any rimjob and then…well I better not spoil the very end.

Oops, he did.

Kind of a waste of time here. If I didn’t like Joshua Black I would never have bothered and I will not be watching this again. It’s getting deleted as soon as my ratio is at least 1.

Wanna try it?:

2 Drunk Brothers Fuck Bareback

Here is a video that has received a lot of praise in the gay porn scene as of late and has been a staple on's “Most Seeded” list.

We are meant to believe these two are brothers, but honestly, one has a pretty thick and ambiguous accent and the other doesn’t, which is a bit of an odd case concerning relatives. So okay, they’re probably not brothers!

And when I first put this on, I was taken aback by the small resolution and horrible quality and the fact that it looks to be a VHS. Yet so many people were saying it was the hottest porn they’ve seen.

I really can see where the hype comes from. The top is continuously checking out the window during his pounding the bottom, in case someone (neighbours?) catch them in the act. The bottom is so in love with getting fucked that he tries to calm the top down and convince him they’re alone and no one’s watching and he keeps begging him to continue.

The bottom makes a lot of noise and the top asks him to shut up and puts a pillow over his head and rams him some more. A dog sits next to them and watches. I always feel sort of sorry for animals when they end up as unsuspecting extras in pornos, but I digress.

The porn is filmed from one spot, there’s no closeup cumshots or dialouge that makes you facepalm. It’s gritty and real and you can almost believe you’re watching someone’s sex tape.

As you know, I’m picky. But I’ve watched this clip more than once and came every time. It gives you an idea of what real, convincing porno could be if the actors were better/more into it, and the producers actually gave a damn about creating a sense of realism.

I recommend this if only for a breath of fresh air, if only for something new and interesting.

Download it here:

[Helix - 8teenboy]hx60 Twink Juice 3

Well, well. What do we have here?

Here I was thinking that we would hear no more from Ryan Mynatt, aka Tommy Anders. I read rumors he was fired/quit and any new material we saw from Helix or 8teenboy would be old stuff done “pre-firing”.

Yet this one seems brand spankin’ new, Tommy looks a lot different, and better IMO. Maybe it’s still archived footage from before his departure, but lo and behold, which for the longest time contained nothing more than an entrance page which directed fans to Helix’s website, is up and running. Though it doesn’t seem to be offering anything unique to the site, just more 8teenboy stuff you could get through Helix.

(I like his new hair.)

It would be nice if he was back/never left. But I think it’s a shame he’s in fairly tame pornos. In this clip collection from 8teenboy, we are lucky to get 2 clips (first and 5th) featuring Tommy and in each a flaccid partner bottoming. What is with that? Do they not SEE him? How could you remain flaccid in a bed with someone that hot and a cock that nice? What could be 2 awesome scenes are only held together by Anders. The first one bored me and the other one bored me less so. These videos are more like, “Look at Tommy naked” for me, rather than “watch Tommy in a hot sex scene”.

(Ridiculous emo Asain making Tommy’s toes curl.)

But in the 5th one where he fucks a ridiculous looking emo Asian, at least 8teenboy steps beyond their play-it-tame policy and has Tommy eat some Asian ass. Yay!

If you’re a Tommy Anders fan, download just for his 2 scenes. The other videos in the middle and very end (there are 6 scenes altogether) are typically boring. One takes place in a pool and I hate pool sex scenes. If you’re not a Tommy fan, and I get that, then skip.

Download the torrent here:

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